Check Out

Check out style

To config Check out page , go to Online store > Customize > Theme settings > Check out

Within Check out, you can config:

Banner : Choose image for your banner.

  • Logo: Choose image logo and choose position, and logo size.
  • Main content area: Select an image for the area.

Order summary

  • Typography: You can set the font style for the heading text and the body text.
  • Color:Pick your preferred color for the Accents, Buttons, and Errors components.
  • Check out settings: For more checkout settings customization options, visit the admin.

Check out settings

To config check out settings,  visit Settings > Check out:

Within Check out setting, you can config:

  • Customer contact method: Choose the contact method that customers will use to complete their checkout.
  • Customer information: Details about Full name, Company name, Address line 2, and Shipping address phone number.
  • Marketing options: Allow customers to opt in for email or SMS marketing messages.
  • Tipping: Enable tipping at checkout. Customers can select from 3 preset options or enter their own amount.
  • Address collection preferences: Use the shipping address as the billing address by default or use address autocompletion. 
  • Order processing: You can choose this after you pay for your order. 
  • Abandoned checkout emails: Send an email to customers who didn’t finish checking out.
  • Order status: Add tracking scripts and other customizations.
  • Checkout language: You can see your store’s checkout page in English. If you want to change the language, press the Manage checkout language button.