This Documentation is used for RealPress.

You can install the RealPress theme in 2 ways: Via WordPress or FTP.

1. Via WordPress

This Documentation is used for RealPress.

Follow the steps below to install the RealPress theme via WordPress:

Step 1. Visit Dashboard => Appearance => Themes => Add New.

Step 2. Click Upload Theme.

Step 3. Browse the file (not the theme package zip file) on your computer and click Install Now.

Step 4. Activate RealPress theme.

Step 5. Enable Thim Core to activate the core of RealPress and start the demo-importing data process.

2. Via Ftp

This Documentation is used for RealPress.

Following the steps below to upload the theme via FTP:

Step 1. Login to your FTP account via FTP software to access your web hosting server.

Step 2. Unzip the file.

Step 3. Upload the exacted theme folder realPress to the wp-content/ themes folder.

Step 4. Active the theme in Dashboard => Appearance => Themes.

Step 5. After activating the theme, you will see RealPress notice! Click Install and active ThimPress Core to start now! “ to an active core of RealPress, and move to the demo-importing data process.


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