Single Course Item

To import a Single Course Item Template, you should enable the following features: Flexbox Container, Grid Container, and Nested Elements.

Simply go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings and find those features. Toggle the switch to Active for each one.

Don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button.

To create and use a Single course Item, please follow these steps:

 Step 1: Create Single Course Item:

 Go to  Admin dashboard >> Thim Elementor >>  Add new Template

  • Select the type: Single Course Item
  • Choose Template name you want

Select include and All items to apply this layout to both quiz and lesson

  • Select layout: We have pre-made layouts for you to choose from, or you can create your own new layout
  • Then click Create Template

Step 2: Edit Single Courses Item

There are 4 sections that you can edit: Headers, sidebar, content, footer

To edit the style of components in Navigator, you just need to click on that component

The following is an example of header editing:

First, edit button “Back To Course”

  • Select Icon
  • HTML Tag: select HTML tag
  • Hide Title: Allows you to hide or show the accompanying course title

Second, edit “Course Search Form”

  • Placeholder: You can enter content here, or leave the default as “Search for course content”
  • You can configure some button: type, icon, position, size, alignment

Third, edit “Course Item Progress”

Configure the order in which certain items appear

Available items are: Result, Number, Expire time, Progress Bar

After editing the template, remember to click Update to save and use template.

Compare the course screen before and after editing: