Cart page

To config cart page, go to  Online store > Customize > Review page > Cart:


Within Cart page, you can config:

Layout: There are 3 layouts to choose from: Default , fluid container, and full width.

Color scheme: Allows you to choose a color or edit the color. To edit all your theme’s colors, go to your theme settings.

Remove default space between sections: You can choose to enable or disable.

Section padding: You can edit top padding, bottom padding.

Show note, show coupon, show estimate shipping: You can choose to enable or disable them. If you choose disable, they will not be display. 

Additionally, they are also displayed in the Mini cart:

  • Amount: The minimum order amount required to qualify for free shipping.
  • Show currency codes: Allows display of currency units.
  • Text after free shipping: Change to text you want.

  • Congratulations text: Text that shows when the order qualifies for free shipping.
  • Custom CSS:  You can add CSS to edit cart page.

Mini cart

Mini cart will have the same appearance as Cart settings.


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