Get Started

 Visit Shopify to create your Shopify account and set up your Shopify store.

Theme Install

2.1.1.  Ensure that you’ve created Shopify store. 

2.1.2.  Ensure that you’ve purchased Classy ver 2 shopify theme

2.1.3.  Download the latest theme package from ThemeForest

2.1.4. Unzip the package. The initial package includes the sample data, version 1, and version 2 folder documents. The theme in the Version 2 folder needs to be uploaded to Shopify.

2.1.5. Login to your Shopify store. Go to Online Stores > Themes.

2.1.6 Add theme > Upload zip file.

2.1.7. Browse the theme file  and Upload file.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the theme. You can view it on the frontend of your site.

Set Currency

See instructions here.

Set Customer Account

See instructions here.