This is place to be designed to configure for blog page, blog single posts. You can find options to fully configure related blog items in Appearance >> Customize >> Blog >> Setting.

Archive page: Select blog layout, sidebar on top/bottom blog page, blog columns, configure excerpt length for all post in blog, show read more button, turn on/off sticky.

Single page: Single post style, turn on/off infinity scroll, turn on/ off comment post, disqus shortname, show related post, numbers of related post, turn on/off related post popup, show/hide random widgets, number widget display, turn on/ off navigation post.


This is the place for you to select an alignment for your blog page, which is a page to display posts in your site. You can choose whether or not to use the sidebar, as well as positioning it in a layout with 1 or 2 columns.

– No side bar at all

– One sidebar, located on the left

– One sidebar, located on the right

– Two sidebar, located on the right and left

Meta Tags:

Allowing to turn on/ off author, date, category, tag, comment number on post blog.

Social Share:

There are some available social links to share posts, you can select show/hide social links.