Customization Settings

1. General

This is for customizing Logo, Layouts, Styling, Typography, Extra Features and Custom CSS

Layouts: customizing Site Layouts, Archive Page Layouts, Single Page Layouts, and Page Layouts

Styling: customizing Primary Color, Background Type/Color, and Boxed Layout

Typography: customizing Body typography and Headings typography

Extra Features: customizing Preloading Icon and enable/disable extra features: RTL support, Smooth Scrolling, Open Graph Meta tags, Back to Top, and Google Theme

Custom CSS: customizing the site using CSS code

2. Header

This is for customizing Header Layouts, Top Bar setting, Main Menu settings, Sub Menu settings and Sticky Menu settings


3. Page Title

This is for customizing Page Title settings and Page Breadcrumb settings


4. Blog

This is for customizing Blog Settings, Blog Archive/Single Page Layout, and Meta Tags settings


5. Products

This is for customizing Products Archive/Single Page Layout and other settings

6. Projects

This is for customizing ProjectsArchive/Single Page Layout and other settings

7. Teams

This is for customizing Teams Archive/Single Page Layout

8. Footer

This is for customizing Footer settings and Copyright settings


9. Responsive

This is for customizing site Responsiveness on different screen solutions

10. Social Sharing

This is for customizing Social Share Buttons

11. Menus

This is for customizing Footer Information menu, Footer Services menu and Main Menu. You can also add your own menus in this setting

12. Widgets

This is for customizing Widgets areas including Topbar Left, Topbar Right, Header Sidebar, Menu Right, and Footer Sidebar 1,2,3