Create Api Key And Secret Key For Zoom Oauth Credentials

This Documentation is used for Live Course add-on for LearnPress.

You must log in to your account to be able to Build App.

You can log in or sign up if you don’t have an account.

After successful login, the website will direct you to your account. Scroll down and click on Advanced => App Marketplace.

Next, select Build App on Develop.

You can choose your application type, but select OAuth and select Create.

Enter the name of your app, select Account-level app and turn off “Would you like to publish this app on Zoom App Marketplace?” Then press Create.

At this point, return to your site. After clicking LearnPress Zoom Settings in the admin bar, go to Settings and copy the site URL link.


Please paste that URL link into “Redirect URL for OAuth” and “Add allow lists” (remove the extension zoom-setting/settings). You must do all steps correctly so that your site can be linked to zoom accurately.

Note: The format of the Redirect URL for OAuth is: Your domain+ zoom-setting/settings/


The next step is to choose Continue. You need to fill in the fields Short description, Long description, Name, and Email address.

In the Scopes field, you can select Add Scopes. Select all fields in the Meeting except the “Get a meeting’s encoded SIP URI” field. You can see the photo below for easier setup.

Once setup is complete, you have multiple ways to link the LearnPress Live Course Add-on and your site.

Method 1: You can choose to Add in Activation.

Method 2: You can copy the URL link and access the link.

Both ways will lead you to a web page as shown in the image below. Please select Allow to link the LearnPress Live Course Add-on to your site.

You will then be redirected directly to your site and your site has been linked to the LearnPress Live Course Add-on.

Alternatively, you can choose to go to App Credentials => Copy Client ID and Client secret. Then paste in settings and select Reauthorize.