This Documentation is used for Assignments Add-on for LearnPress.

After installing the LearnPress Assignments Addon, you can open your dashboard -> LearnPress -> Courses and choose an existing course. Scroll down to that course’s curriculum to see another lesson type apart from the lesson and quiz. You can click the “Create a new assignment” icon to start.

There are four parts to creating an assignment for students in the editing assignment window: title, content, documentation, and general settings. In the documentation part, attachments are like workbooks, eBooks, and videos, so students can use them to finish the task.

If instructors want to see all the course assignments they are teaching, they can check it in the Assignment tab by opening the dashboard -> LearnPress -> Assignments. Plus, instructors can see the number of students completing each one.

Besides, there are other assignment settings like the duration (deadline), maximum score (Mark), the passing Grade – the grade required to pass the assignment, number of re-take, number of files you can upload, and the limit file size the students can upload.

To grade a student’s Assignment, the teacher follows these steps: Visit “Learnpress” -> “Assignments” -> and “view” an assignment you want to grade.

You can now see all the assignment students and click the evaluation icon of a student to start grading. – After that, you’ll see an evaluation form.

  • Mark: Mark for a student’s answer
  • Instructor note: Leave a note for students
  • Document: Upload files for the correct answers, references, etc.

Don’t forget to click the “Evaluate” button to save the evaluation results

After grading, teachers can click on the “Re-evaluate” button to edit the results that have just been assessed