Customize Settings

This section will guide you how to customize parts of Ivy School

1. General

This is for customizing Logo, Page Layouts, Styling, Typography and Extra Features.

Logo: Change Logo / Sticky Logo / Logo Width / Site Icon for Site

Layouts: customizing Site Layouts, Archive Page Layouts, Single Page Layouts, and Page Layouts

Styling: customizing Primary Color, Secondary Primary color, Background type, Background color, Box Layouts Box Shadow.

Typography: customizing Body Font, Headings Font and Heading.

Extra Features: customizing Loading Icon and enable/disable extra features: RTL support, Smooth Scrolling, Open Graph Meta tags, Back to Top, Google Theme, and Preload.

2. Header

This is for customizing Layouts, Top Bar, Main menu, Sub Menu and Sticky Menu.

Layouts: customizing Header Layouts, Background Color, Header Position, Header Padding and Heading Size.

Top Bar: customizing Top bar Typography, Top bar Height, Background Color and Size.

Main menu: customizing Fonts and Text Color Hover.

Sub Menu: customizing Background Color, Text Color and Text Hover Color.

Sticky Menu: customizing Header Padding, Style, Background Color, text Color and Text Hover Color.

3. Page Title

This is for customizing Page Title settings, Title settings and Page Breadcrumb settings

Page Title Setting: customizing turn on/off Page Title and Parallax

Title: customizing Background and Title Style

Page Breadcrumb: customizing Breadcrumn Icon and Font.

4. Blog

This is for customizing Layouts, Archive Settings, Single Settings, Meta Tags and Social Share.

Layout: customizing Blog Archive and Single Layouts.

Archive Settings: customizing Blog Style and Number Column.

Single Settings: customizing Featured Image, Comment Form and Related Posts

Meta Tags: customizing displaying Author, Date, Category, Tag and Comment Number

Social Share: customizing displaying and sortable Button Sharing.

5. Teams

This is for customizing Amount Member Per Page, Main Content Title and Description

6. Events

This is for customizing Event Archive Page/Single Page Layout and Setting Amount Event Feature

7. Learnpress

This is for customizing Archive Page and Single Page Layouts.

8. Sidebar

This is for customizing Sidebar Title Fonts and Widget Margin Bottom.

9. Footer

This is for customizing Footer settings and Copyright settings.

10. Responsive

This is for customizing Responsive on Mobile.

11. Menus

This is for customizing Menus. There is a required menus: Primary menu. You can add your own menus.

12. Widgets

This is for customizing Widgets areas including Top Bar, Right Menu, Footer Top and Footer Slidebar.